misdiagnosed miscarriage offering hope
Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals. The information contained within this site is meant to supplement the information given to you by your own physician but is not to be used in place of your physician's medical advice. When in doubt, always seek a second opinion by another medical professional.
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Welcome to the Misdiagnosed Miscarriage site
Are you currently struggling with a diagnosis of miscarriage? Do you believe there still may be hope? Do you just need the support of other women during this time? If so, please know you are not alone.

We are a group of women who have been where you are today. Some of us have been told we were to miscarry only to find out our doctor's were wrong. Other women believe they may have been pressured into a d&c and wonder if they were improperly diagnosed. Some women here go on to have healthy pregnancies and some women go on to miscarry. No matter what your circumstances, we are here to offer you support.

We are not doctors. We are not nurses. We are, however, moms who have been touched by a miscarriage scare or an actual miscarriage and we are here to provide any emotional support and help you may need during this time. Whether you have an actual miscarriage or a misdiagnosed miscarriage, this site is for you.

support, success and lovesupport, success and lovesupport, success and love

Please check out our new page on the UK's new Blighted Ovum Diagnosis Guidelines. Chances are you are being diagnosed too soon!

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